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It is hard to believe that people always see things in colors, especially when we don’t listen, we don’t understand, we just want to defend our position and force others to obey and follow our ideas. In this way, I find animals more talented in terms of showing love and compassion, respect, loyalty and admiration, even though they just see in black and white.

However, during the last months I have experienced the most exotic and surprising perception from people from Puerto Vallarta, people with an open mind mentality, where there is an evident tolerance to diversity. Therefore I describe this city as a “multicolor” place, a space showing different colors and trying to integrate them all at the same time, just like a rainbow.

During my first weeks walking in the Romantic Zone I could notice this society is more open-minded in comparison to others I have lived before in Mexico. People here have a more casual attitude for diversity, not only about sexuality but about any difference.

Puerto Vallarta is a cosmopolitan destination, where I could have met people and made friends from different countries, cultures, languages, races; all of them enjoying an harmony of the natural beauty, cultural affluence, and friendly attitude of the Mexican people. Going through this discovery of Puerto Vallarta I interviewed a very unique Mexican man, certainly a pioneer in his field for Mexico, who at his young age has broken paradigms, made a solid career, and moreover he has contributed to the LGBTTTIQ community. He is Alejandro Castillo, an international gay porn actor, with an angelic smile, an athletic brown skin body, and a great talent for acting, nominated many times for the Grabby Awards, conquering millions of fans from different countries.

Alex is originally from the city of Tampico, in the state of Tamaulipas, at the north of Mexico next to the USA border. During the interview at Casa Abina, he talked about his coming out not only as a gay man, but as a gay porn actor coming from a Latin conservative society. He also confessed many of his secrets and dreams, he told us about his profession, his life in Puerto Vallarta, and he kindly agreed to talk with us:


How did you start your career as a gay porn actor?

Its been a long way to become who I am and to be where I am today; since I started my sexual life, my former partners told me how incredible it was the way I made love to them, and how unique my body was, but it took me around 10 years for me to make the decision to join the porn industry, looking for opportunities, learning more about my sexuality, working on my self esteem, what you see now it is the result of a long journey of discovery and acceptance of my sexuality, and of finding a way to share my sexuality with all the boys that are starting in this business or want to be more discreet about it. And if my work helps, inspires, provokes or empower the sexuality of these boys, then as an actor I will feel truly accomplished.

I started in the production staff of the Porn films, very few people know this, but I started to work backstage as a Production Manager before becoming an actor, once I was into the business, Michael Lucas the CEO of the company I work for, Lucas Entertainment, he offered me to be on stage, I did one scene, after that one more scenes came along, as well as contracts, trips, and the rest was history. You can live with me my performance in the movies through my twitter account and see my evolution on screen.

Is it difficult porn acting? What is the most difficult issue during shooting a movie?

It’s not difficult at all, but its not something everybody can do, you must have certain characteristics and learn about yourself, your energy, and your body in order to get good results on screen, know your angles, develop a style, in this industry a good performer is known for being a warranty on screen and makes clear there is no other one like him, competition with others does not exist.

The most difficult thing for any porn actor is to ejaculate, the famous “Money Shot”, with so many people behind the cameras, the pressure, the time, the stress, it makes it very difficult to cum when they tell you to do it…who can ejaculate on scene becomes a hero on the set, because working under pressure and showing pleasure on screen its quite a challenge.

As a gay porn actor how do you take care of yourself about sexually transmitted diseases?

I am an actor who does bareback sex in movies, and it does encourage many followers to believe it is easy, simples and it does not cause any consequences. I and all the other actors you see on the screen integrate a community of protection and support to their own heath. I guarantee you that among porn actors we take care of ourselves, but most people ignore it, but the porn industry is one of most regulated places in terms of sexual health, getting medical tests before shooting movies is mandatory by the film makers, as well as the exchange of medical results between your sexual scene partners. The tests for sexually transmitted diseases are always required rather for bareback or not bareback scenes. As for the company I work for, whoever is not on PREP then they are taking antirretroviral treatments, therefore the information and communication are part of these porn actors professionalism.


Whats the best of the industry you are working in?

The freedom of always being yourself, in the set with my coworkers and with my fans; this industry has validated me, loved and admired. My work has given me the opportunity of meeting people from all over the world who live their sexuality like I live mine, without prejudices, fears or regrets of being who I want to be and enjoy as much as I can. Its incredible everything I can learn from my coworkers and the power of sharing with the world one part of my life, as emotional and personal as my sexuality is. 

What’s the worse from the industry you work for?

The time you wait between the shooting and the release, for me to wait the post production is the part I like the less, I have to wait months before watching the result of my work.

What will you advice to the young boys who desire to become gay porn actors?

You must have a good physical, emotional and mental balance, being patient, pay attention and be kind to your sexual partners.


Have you been affected personally by being a porn actor?

Some men are a bit afraid of going out with me, but I believe that’s the price you have to pay for being famous or successful in a work like mine. Not everyone can be around a public figure. And I had to work very hard with my family about my work because of the social and religious cliches from the Mexican culture in regards of my profession, fortunately we are united family, accepting and supporting each other.


Talking about love… Do you have a partner? Have you had a partner? What do you think about the stability in a gay couple? Is it difficult to have a partner in the porn industry?

I am currently single, but I have had partners before, stability in a couple can be possible being honest, but you have to do a good casting for choosing a boyfriend, it’s a long process and relationships require daily work, life is not like the soap operas, when you meet someone and you find same interests with this person then you could get the stability that you desire, but you have to work on the relationship, being gay or not, its not a matter of sexual preference but of self-knowledge.


How is your ideal man?

I like all kind of men, I don’t have a preference in particular. I believe I find all men attractive for being different, I think that’s a good thing about me, and it does not limit me at the moment of going out with someone.


How someone can make you fall in love?

Being simple, kind and a good sense of humor.


Alex, which profession would you like to do if you will not do yours?

I would like to study medicine and psychology.


If you could change the world, what would you like to change?

Ignorance, violence and injustice.


Thanks so much, Alex, and finally what would you like to share with our readers of O&APV and your fans?

I want to thank each of your readers and my fans for everything, their admiration, support and respect. There was a time where no one thought I was going to come this far, and here I am representing my country in the porn world. It does not matter in what do you work, always believe in yourselves. Work with confidence, change whatever you can, embrace what you cant change, take the opportunities and be happy because life is too short, send you a kiss and a big huge.


After interviewing Alex I can confirm that Puerto Vallarta is the only place in Mexico where a person from the LGBTTTIQ community can feel truly free of prejudices, people like Alex are inspiring for other Mexicans fighting for their dreams in different fields: academic, professional, arts, sports, achieving a world projection and recognition.

I wish to continue meeting more people like Alex in Puerto Vallarta, with more colors, different colors that enlight this magical and heavenly place. Banderas Bay is a place full of creative, artistic, friendly, casual and truly charming people.


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