Lady Zen traces personal evolution in ‘Always Something There…’ cabaret

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Lady Zen brings an interesting perspective to her art. As she explained in this interview, “most recently I’m from Portland, Maine, however my story doesn’t really start in Maine.”

“The quick version of it is…” she said, drawing a map in the air, “Orphan in Brazil. Adopted by Americans in Brazil. Brought over to Arkansas in the 1970s, which was a great time to be a Latino in Arkansas! Then I went from there to the Northwest, the Pacific Northwest. Then I went to Ohio. And then I went to Maine!”

Being raised in the 1980s provided an added element of influences for the singer/songwriter and author, who compiled a list of musical influences in order to build a production currently running at Incanto. It’s called Always Something There to Remind Me, and she performs it every Friday through the month of June.

“This show pays tribute to what I was hearing on the radio as a kid, songs that inspired me as a writer and performer,” she said, in a quote from the Incanto website. “My new show, Always Something There to Remind Me, features songs that influenced and inspired me.”

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