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According to the information provided by Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, a commander of the municipality’s police was suspended from his duties for reports of alleged acts of homophobia and transphobia the last Thursday.

Lorena Barajas

Commander Elio V. was removed from his duties after arresting and mocking a transgender woman named Lorena Amor Barajas. Dávalos Peña offered a public apology to Lorena Amor, a well-known stylist in Puerto Vallarta.

Dávalos Peña asked Lorena an apology adding that the municipality of Puerto Vallarta has worked in respect for human rights to the community LGBT”.

“The commander is relieved from his position while the investigations are being carried out for the corresponding sanctions” explained Dávalos Peña, who added that in response, the commissioner Misael López Muro has met with the aggrieved to endorse respect for the LGBT community.

Lorena Amor Barajas made a publication on her personal Facebook account accusing Commander Elio of having arbitrarily detained her, after committing acts of homophobia and transphobia towards her:

“The 336th patrol, led by Commander Elio who approached me for no reason, only arguing that it was a routine review requesting that I identify myself, but referring to my person as a man, for which my reaction was one of surprise and annoyance and yet I asked the security element in the most attentive way, to be respectful towards me, assuring him and showing him that I am legally Lorena Amor Barajas Espinoza, but he mocked me, and I asked him why he treated me with homophobia and as a vile delinquent, to which he answered that for him, I was a man.”

Subsequently, the woman was handcuffed and taken to the police unit, where they paraded her around Puerto Vallarta for a period of one hour before taking her to the police station. “With this I realize that anyone is exposed to acts of homophobia and transphobia, no one is exempt, no matter how seen, as you see, as you speak, it is about respect and education, that is what many lack in our public security elements. With this I appeal to our authorities and friends that there is still much work  to be done to make this the port we want, “concludes Lorena Amor in her publication.

Halfway through the interview, an unidentified male wanted to interrupt it, I personally explain how we had to request the intervention of the municipal police.

Lorena Amor Barajas says that the threats and attacks against herself and the people around her are vest from Elio V.