Puerto Vallarta is part of the “Pacific Front” with Aeromar flights

Connectivity with Aeromar is reactivated, with five weekly flights from Guadalajara from June 15

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The airline Aeromar integrated into a commercial strategy five of the destinations it connects, with the creation of the “Pacific Front”, among which Puerto Vallarta stands out , which will once again have a connection with that company through five weekly flights from Guadalajara, starting next Monday June 15 on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to this destination, the “Pacific Front” is made up of Acapulco, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Manzanillo and Puerto Escondido , which will have flights from Mexico City, Juan Ignacio Roselló, Aeromar’s commercial director, reported in a videoconference, who also mentioned that It will offer a 15 percent discount on flights to those five tourist destinations.

The discount will be applied to sales for six months, and the flight period will last until December 31; In addition to the discount offered by the airline, a coupon has been managed that includes other attractive offers of hotels, restaurants, shops and various tourist service providers in each destination.

Aeromar also announced two weekly frequencies on the Puebla-Guadalajara route, on Thursdays and Fridays, with the possibility of extending the trip to Puerto Vallarta , which opens the doors to a strong market in the center of the country.


For his part, Luis Villaseñor, in charge of the office of the new Public Trust for the Promotion and Advertising of Puerto Vallarta, highlighted the attractions of this destination before journalists and representatives of the country’s tourism sector meeting at a distance.

Puerto Vallarta, he explained, has just celebrated 102 years as a municipality and 52 as a city and that makes us happy, since this alliance will be one of the 102 reasons to visit this destination. Here, he added, we have prepared ourselves to face the new normality, and for this reason, both in the city and in tourist facilities there are constant hygiene and sanitation actions.

Upon express question, he informed that Puerto Vallarta is between 10 and 15 percent of hotel occupancy with the reopening of 21 hotels in this destination at the time, and a gradual schedule of reactivation towards the next opening of the leisure visitor.

We are in a process of gradual reactivation and it will be very important to resume regional tourism, he mentioned, since Guadalajara is the state capital and our main natural market in Jalisco, as the authorities of the sector have said, the return will be gradual and local, with tourists traveling, when the weather is right, to the closest natural destinations.

“We are a destination with a very complete hotel offer: families, couples, adventure, LGBT segment, golf, wellness activities, and after this break our beaches are more beautiful than ever.”

Aeromar’s strategy is undoubtedly very prominent in reviving tourism activity, he said, “This is a good example of what can be achieved by joining efforts.”


Puerto Vallarta, Villaseñor emphasized, has strengths such as the hotel offer for all segments, gastronomy with more than 300 restaurants, and at least 50 activities and tourist tours, which are in optimal conditions to operate as soon as possible, in addition the hygiene and security measures throughout the port.

The hotels will comply to the letter with the standardized measures of hygiene, sanitation of public spaces , social distancing and the use of face masks, this included as part of the protocols already established and published by the state government, as well as those implemented by the hotel chains and the various Chambers, said manual will detail the security measures from the arrival of our visitors until their return.

With these actions, Puerto Vallarta proves once again to be a top and world-class destination, where the highest priority, beyond the fun and unique experiences of visitors, is the health and safety of visitors.

Today Puerto Vallarta is preparing for its tourists to enjoy the warmth of its long-awaited summer, the warm waters of the sea , the green mountains, the exquisite cuisine and above all the hospitality of the people of Vallarta, who with renewed enthusiasm and with hearts in hand, they long to have their visitors back.

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