Puerto Vallarta increases its air operations by 20% during the first half of July

National and international flights are increasing in this important tourist destination, ready to meet the demand of the summer

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A 20% increase in national and international air operations during the first fortnight of July, compared to the same period last month, highlights that Puerto Vallarta will have a successful summer season, expecting in turn to reach the 80% limit. in hotel occupancy, which will give great benefits to the entire tourism industry in the green pearl of the Mexican Pacific.

Puerto Vallarta continues with a positive trend during the summer, increasing its air frequencies to satisfy the demand of visitors, who want to spend this season in one of the most diverse and hospitable tourist destinations.

During the first half of July, Puerto Vallarta it will receive a total of 472 domestic flights, compared to the 348 that arrived in the first fifteen days of June, which represents an increase of 35%.

At the same time, at the international level, 437 flights are expected to arrive in this first fortnight, compared to 404 in the same period last month, representing an increase of 8%, a positive result that reflects the confidence that tourists mainly from from the United States and Canada for visiting this destination of great natural beauty.

Mid-2020 Puerto Vallarta reopened to tourism with its beaches, mainly with the national market after certain international restrictions that still existed for pleasure trips, however, Mexicans continued firmly with their desire to visit this important destination, so we have had a recovery of 90 % in the month of June against the same period of 2019. Additionally, in this first semester of the year 92.5% of domestic flights were recovered compared to the routes operated from January to June 2019.

Another data to highlight occurs in international frequencies, having an increase of 32% under the same comparison of flights that operated in June 2019, which is expressed in a very positive tourist recovery since foreign travelers continue to trust in the security that it gives them destiny.

In terms of this first semester of the year, the Puerto Vallarta International Airport has had an increase of 10.13% in the number of international operations against the same period of 2019.

On July 1, the direct flights of Spirit Airlines arrived in Puerto Vallarta with routes from Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Los Angeles, bringing 13 flights a week, representing 2,366 new seats to the destination every 8 days.

AeromarFor July 12, Aeromar has planned new routes at the national level that will link Puerto Vallarta with Monterrey, with flights via Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosí, which will represent 504 seats a week in potential markets.

Thanks to efforts in biosafety, the Jalisco Health Board granted Puerto Vallarta 80% as a limit on hotel occupancy, which will grant a very favorable season for the destination’s industry after an atypical 2020 due to the pandemic, having clear expectations of reaching the limit allowed.

Vallarta Port It continues to reinforce its protocols and health strategies to provide the greatest security to all visitors, as well as its inhabitants, which is why 1 out of every three Vallarta residents has been vaccinated against Covid-19.



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