PKB-Gallery: Where Art Meets Action in Puerto Vallarta’s Newest Sensation

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A fusion of art and sport has taken center stage in the heart of Puerto Vallarta’s cultural scene with the grand opening of PKB-Gallery at Peru 1073 in 5 de Diciembre. Nestled within this vibrant new space lies an innovative concept that promises a unique experience unlike any other.

PKB-Gallery is now open and is the first air conditioned Pickle Ball Court in Vallarta. Photo by Oscar Almeida.
PKB-Gallery is now open and is the first air conditioned Pickle Ball Court in Vallarta. Photo by Oscar Almeida.

Upon stepping into the gallery, visitors are greeted by an awe-inspiring sight: a colossal pickleball court (air conditioned) adorning the center, flanked by modern works of art on either side against bright green borders. The ambiance is one of creativity and energy, heightened by the strategically placed windows offering panoramic views even before setting foot inside.

Guests at a recent reception at PKB-Gallery. Photo by Oscar Almeida.
Guests at a recent reception at PKB-Gallery. Photo by Oscar Almeida.

Owned by Carlos Rivadeneyra Amescua, a passionate art enthusiast hailing from Mexico City and a resident of Puerto Vallarta for five years, PKB-Gallery is a testament to his vision of combining artistry with athleticism. Spearheaded by a dedicated team including Jared Guzman overseeing the pickleball court and Alejandra Esparza Padilla curating the art collection, the gallery boasts a diverse array of pieces from nine esteemed artists worldwide.

The current exhibit includes works from nine highly regarded artists from around the world, they are; Camilo Barboza-Soto, Cristina Gil, Dorota Ziolkowska, Gabriela Muniain, Juan Jo Soto, Kara Rooney, Magdalena Firlag, Roxanna Huerta, and Roko De Avila. Everything displayed in the gallery is for sale, and you may determine price and other details by contacting Alejandra, who will be pleased to assist. 

Carlos Rivadeneyra Amescua described the most unique aspect of his gallery, which is the amazing combination of an indoor pickleball court, a first of its kind in Puerto Vallarta, with great art. Both are paired together in what Carlos described as “the white box.” 

For those readers unfamiliar with this term, as was I, it describes a room, whether it be for an art gallery or sporting court, that is painted in a bright white hue, where shadows are an unwanted visitor. This particular “white box” is perfectly structured, as white walls rise to meet the ceiling far overhead. 

The game of Pickleball itself is designed to be played with four people, but two will suffice perfectly. It is played with colorful plastic paddles and balls, resembling tennis, or ping pong in nature. The basic rules of the game are; only the server can score, no volleying in the “kitchen,” which is an area of the court near the net painted in light blue, only one bounce of the ball per side, the serve must be at the baseline, serves may not land on non volley zones, and finally, the game is concluded when one player reaches 11, 15 or 21 points, and is ahead by a two point difference. 

The sport is all the rage in the US and Canada, and therefore when Carlos bought the building, which formerly housed a printing business, the size of the space lent itself to his vision to combine a fun sport with art that appeals to those searching for a unique activity.


This is the third gallery he has owned, and the first to have a pickleball court, Carlos told me laughing. A prospective player just needs to telephone either of the two contact numbers to reserve a court; the cost is 250 pesos per hour, per person. 

After a friendly game, showers are available (please bring your own towel), along with a wide selection of diverse options on the menu, that will feed even the most ravenous appetite. Scrumptious appetizers, salads, liquor, beer and wine are available throughout the day, at reasonable prices. 

As the evening drew to a close, I asked Carlos what the newcomer to this trendy experience should expect on their first visit. He answered with a smile and an enthusiasm in his voice. 

“You are going to meet contemporary art, experience it, and at the same time, enjoy an amazingly popular sport that is paired with new and modern art,” he continued, “you can come play, be open, and have a drink in this bright, welcoming space,” Carlos shared. 

Taking my leave, I smiled, and thought could there be a better way to enjoy the diversity of Puerto Vallarta, it really does have it all; art, alcohol, food and sport.

PKB-Gallery Pickleball-Gallery

Peru 1073, Col. 5 de Diciembre, 48350

Hours of Operation 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Daily 

Telephone 52 322 222 4115 or 52 55 1224 3528
Instagram –

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