Over 100 celebrities and LGBT audiences join against the rejection of sexual diversity

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Celebrities like Alejandra Ley, Alejandra Bogue and the youtubers Pepe and Teo, describe how they lived coming out of the closet in a new web series titled #OrgulloDeSer that documents the testimonies of more than 100 LGBT + people from all over Latin America.

In the current phase of confinement, various projects have arisen from a distance, however this series proposes something new: to unite the statements of celebrities with the voices of the public, which includes sectors that are poorly visible, such as indigenous people and people with disabilities. All with one point in common: none of them is heterosexual.

After 2 months of planning, its creators Omar Flores Sarabia and Oscar Anaya Hernández managed to finalize this series of 3 videos that premieres this June 25 at 8:00 PM on the Con Lugar TV channel on YouTube. The following episodes will be released on the 26th and 27th, respectively, echoing the LGBT + pride celebrations.

The first chapter of #OrgulloDeSer talks about the fear that each person lived to accept themselves and cope with the rejection they could face for having a different sexual orientation or gender identity than most. With statements from actors, singers, journalists, activists and people from more than 10 countries, this has become one of the most diverse LGBT + projects ever made on YouTube.

The producers of these videos have to their credit the recognized series “Con Lugar”, which currently has more than 39 million views, so they trust that this new proposal will reach thousands of people and will serve as inspiration for many more than They are still rejected by their families or social environments, reminding them of the message that everything will improve.

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