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One year ago, Dr. Omar Hernández started this project, Dr Puerto Vallarta, to provide high-quality medical service in Puerto Vallarta.
Originally from Mexico City, he moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2016, when he started working at different resorts providing detailed oriented consultations in English.
He continues his studies in order to improve the services offered to the patients.
We sat down with Dr Hernandez to talk about what services travelers are mostly looking for when in town or planning to come down for any sort of procedure.

Doctor Hernandez, What are the most sought after or popular services among clients from abroad?

Among the most sought after services are medical consultation for accidents such as sea urchin or stingray bites, accidents such as falls, and diarrheal diseases. It is also common for them to request the administration of intravenous (I.V.) solutions to recover from a hangover. And lately due to travel requirements the most common have been taking COVID tests.

Another of the most frequent requests is prophylactic (preventive) treatment after a high risk exposure, to avoid sexually transmitted infections.

What are the benefits of traveling to Puerto Vallarta and not other cities, in your opinion?

Puerto Vallarta has a great offer in terms of activities both for those who seek to relax and enjoy the views, as well as for those who seek fun can find various bars, clubs, beach clubs, tours, and other activities. As well as the great and varied gastronomic offer.

The vast majority of the population speaks English, so communication will be easier even if you don’t know Spanish.

Vallarta is distinguished by the great acceptance of the LGBT community, this being one of the main reasons to visit it, since here everyone can feel accepted.

Regarding the medical field, Puerto Vallarta offers high quality services, with lower prices than you would pay at home, with bilingual and friendly staff.

How long is the recommended time to be in Puerto Vallarta, depending on the procedure?

The time is very variable, since there are procedures that are outpatient, which means that they do not need hospitalization and at the end of it they can return to their hotel or airbnb. On average, surgical procedures will require hospitalization between 24 to 48 hours to monitor the evolution of the recovery period.

What are the overall costs of the most popular services?

Prices are highly variable, and compared to prices in the United States or other countries, they are very affordable.

In my case, I accept all Canadian insurance, so when using your insurance the consultation and the medicine, as well as the procedures are included. Regarding US insurance,

The prices depend on the type of procedure, if they use their insurance or they pay themselves.

How do patients go about using health insurance?

There are several ways you can use your health insurance. The first is to pay your medical bill and medications, and then send them to your insurance to request reimbursement. The other option is to use your insurance directly.

In hospitals, medical expenses insurance is widely accepted, but to be valid you usually have to be hospitalized for more than 24 hours. What is suggested is to verify the coverage of your policy, taking into account that some insurances may request the payment of a copayment or a deductible.

In the case of Dr. Puerto Vallarta, we accept Canadian and European insurances, as well as some American insurances, directly and in the event that there is no agreement, the sending of an official invoice or receipt and filling out the documentation is offered so that the expenses generated are reimbursed.

What are the most frequent questions of patients who travel to Mexico for medical tourism?

The most common are the cost of the services, the acceptance of your medical insurance in Mexico, and the recovery time, as well as the benefits of the different procedures.

How does someone start planning a trip to Mexico for your services?

The first thing is to investigate the travel requirements (COVID studies), I always recommend updating with your airlines to meet all the requirements, and see if there have been any changes. Or they could also contact my contacts to request updated information.

Has anything in general changed since the pandemic started?

The pandemic has generated many changes. Among the most common are the limitation of spaces in public spaces, as well as the increase in hygienic measures.

In the case of hospitals, one of the requirements for a patient to enter surgery or some other procedure in the vast majority of times will be asked for a COVID study with negative results.

Tourism has been on the rise since vaccination began in the United States, and as vaccination advances in the world, we hope that it will increase.

Any advice for people considering traveling to Puerto Vallarta in search of a medical procedure?

Look for health insurance with a wide coverage with a low or no deductible, as well as to have a COVID study beforehand at home to be sure that you do not have an active infection. In addition to taking the appropriate care to avoid infection. •

Doctor Hernandez is available 24/7 and besides providing english speaking and high quality attention he says he mostly sees patients from the LGBT+ community.  He wants his patients to feel at home and safe.  He insist that the trust you have in your medical provider leads to better communication and therefore a better service and treatment.
To reach Dr. Puerto Vallarta:

Dr. Omar Hernández SánchezSurgeon Doctor

MSc Public Health at King’s College London

+(52) 325079602


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