New Sculpture Dedicated to the Vallarta LGBT Community to be Made by Famed Artist Octavio González

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Mexican bronze sculpture Octavio Gonzalez has announced that he is preparing a new work of art that he will dedicated to the LGBT community of Puerto Vallarta.

Milenio reported the news on its website, saying that “Gonzalez has dedicated most of his life to making bronze sculptures. Puerto Vallarta has been the place that has housed many of these pieces, in which his love for nature and animals, and the close and intimate bond they have with human beings, has been captured.”

He said the sculpture will be placed in a building in Puerto Vallarta where people from the community work. The piece is based on a key concept, in which he explores the idea that we are all people, no matter if we are men or women or our sexual preference or orientation.

He said that he realized the new art work could pose a challenge for his career due to the criticism it may generate among the guild, but added that he is not worried because “he wants to leave a legacy for this community from his own trench, art.”

Octavio Gonzalez has lived in Puerto Vallarta for many years, and was born in Tepatitlan, Mexico. With more than 350 sculptures he has made throughout his life, many of them are in Puerto Vallarta. Two of the most visible ones are the one of the whale, located in Marina Vallarta and fountain of the Dolphins on the Malecon.

He said the LGBT sculptures about 90 percent complete.


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