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My morning usually starts at 5 AM, when I wake up, water my plants, and prepare for the gym. When I am all set and finish my workout before I get to the office.

Over at Basilio Badillo is a cute coffee place named ONO Bowls; what a surprise was that I met the owner Erica Black seven years ago; we used to hang out with the same people back on the day. I usually order my cappuccino or americano. Sorry, I can’t live without them. 

What I love is that they have ginger shots. So if you feel kind with the flu, get a ginger shoot. One of those days when I was running to go to a showing, and I didn’t have the chance to cook something, I asked to go for the avocado toast. I liked that they give you the things to go on an environmentally friendly package. 

The next time I stop there, I will ask for the camote quesadilla with spinach, sweet potato, and homemade turkey sausage. 

ONO has been open since 2018, and I think it is a place you should try if you are in the Emiliano Zapata area. ONO  takes credit cards and is open from 8 AM to 4 PM. 

If you go there, let me know what you order 🙂 

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