My affair with Emiliano: My 10th anniversary as a relator

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Back in 2013, I was hired by Tropicana Realty to represent them in a new development over Nuevo Vallarta, and I was the agent to go and the expert in that building. I was very nervous because my only real estate background was vacation and long-term rentals. I remember every day driving my old grey tracker truck even on Sundays. At this point, it was a bit of a complex sale because the only way to get into the gated community was under appointment and not as the regular walk-ins. 

After six months, the Tropicasa broker and his assistant invited me to work with them as their sales assistant; during my career with them, I learned everything I knew, and I applied and shared it with my agents at The Agency other colleagues around the area.

I remember where Pavilion is now used to be an Italian Restaurant named Esspresso, super yummy. In contrast, Zenith now used to be a fantastic gay nightclub called El Manana. They had like three different areas, the lounge, the bar, and the dance floor with a pool in the middle; my office has been an empty lot since I remember. 

During those ten years, I had the chance to be on TV on Mexico Life on HGTV; I am the only Mexican Realtor in Puerto Vallarta that I know did the show in Puerto Vallarta; there are other colleagues, but they are from the US or Canada. 

During these ten years of working in Real Estate, helping people to find their dream homes or selling their homes, I had fantastic experiences and others that hadn’t been that fantastic, but for all, I learned something and tried to be better if someone asks me what the best advice  I can give to new agents it is, be persistent, perseverant, and be patient is.  

The city has changed a lot, and it is for good; Puerto Vallarta is no longer that fishing town that people remember in Liz Taylor’s movie. Yes, it is not a perfect city, but it is very welcoming and safe.

As a gay Real Estate Agent, I feel that in this city and working in Real Estate, I found the town like the place where I grew up, and I developed myself. 

Happy 10th anniversary to me, and I am looking forward to another ten more years and keep being Your Realtor for Life.

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