My Affair with Emiliano: Anny the Barber

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I had the chance to meet Ana or better known as Anny. I was surprised because I never thought a girl would work in a barber shop. I always thought girls had spas or small beauty salons. 

After my second visit, I got to know more about Anny. She told me she started her barber career a few years ago. She was the first woman to have that career, which was difficult for her because, back in the day, it was a “male” job.

She was also very proud to share with me that she was doing a seminar for young kids who wanted to open a barber, and she had two girls as students too that had the same vision as her. She told me she wanted to be the best female barber in town, and I am sure she would do. 

She is a fighter, and she is a great mom, too. So I thought in 2020, she decided to open her barber, and I followed her because I liked how she cut my hair.  A year later, she returned to work at the same barber, that girl is super talented, and she does CrossFit too.

It was a pleasant surprise to see her when I changed to CrossFit and did not start as not knowing anyone at the new gym.

If you want an excellent barber, you should ask for Anny next time you go to Barber and Booze, located in the Olas Altas area. Get an appointment with her

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