Mercurio Swim is now open


You may have noticed a new business pop up just in time for Pride Week and, notably, the Fiesta en la Calle (Block Party) that took place on the evening of Thursday May 24 immediately following the Pride Parade.

Mercurio Swim, the brainchild of Hotel Mercurio owner Paul Crist and clothing designer (and Vallarta newcomer) Todd Barnes, opened its door at Lázaro Cárdenas 279-C for the first time. According to the pair, the idea to develop both a swimwear line and an accompanying retail store came about from a casual conversation the two had one afternoon at Hotel Mercurio.

Just a month prior to the launch, I peeked in on the store on a day when Barnes was diligently prepping the merchandise on the second floor work room. Crist stopped in and the two discussed signage for the new location.







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