Have you reached the stage of maturity in your life in which you have an immense desire to improve the world? If so, embrace the desire to improve the world and focus on your city, your environment, your community, your company, because they will give meaning to your existence, as they did with Mark Page, who materialized  that desire in its immediate surroundings, Puerto Vallarta.
 Do not focus on the lack of time, do not limit yourself due to lack of resources, do not stop because of lack of skills, leave aside all that ends up being excuses just to let go of that desire to improve your environment.
 It’s not about doing what seems impossible, it’s not about achieving what has never been achieved before, it’s simply about taking action to improve your immediate environment in your own way, to materialize it through a lifestyle, a  constant attitude, even though not everyone will notice it while you have life.
Mark Page had his life transition in this world, more than 20 years in Puerto Vallarta and his contribution to a better LGBT+ community in Vallarta, materialized, not only in Gay Guide Puerto Vallarta (since May  of the year 2000), but in the indisputable contribution for the integration and promotion of the LGBT+ community.
      By Gaye Vallarta (@mishaelarellano)