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A Letter From the Editor:

There are countless reasons to love Puerto Vallarta, whether you’re a lifelong resident or a first-time visitor. Every one of us can tell a story about the path that led us here, and why we return again and again, or why we chose to stay. The goal of Out & About Puerto Vallarta is to shine a light on the greatness and the complexity of this city through the lens of its LGBT residents and visitors.

To be clear: Out & About Puerto Vallarta is for everyone.

We’re going to peel back the layers of the community, travel beyond the obvious places, learn and share stories with our neighbors.

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The idea for this magazine developed in much the same way our sister publication, Out & About Nashville, came into existence over 15 years ago: there are conversations happening here, discussions about the growth of the community and the city, the evolution of our shared experiences, and they’re being lost to posterity. When historians will look back on this time we want to assist in recording a document of how we live, what we value, who we are.

Our interests and leisure time, of course, are not always bound by our LGBT identity. We eat at restaurants outside La Zona Romantica. We sometimes visit beaches where the chairs and umbrellas don’t extend five rows deep, that don’t necessarily have a full bar menu on site.

And this is the first issue! Let’s celebrate some things. Natasha Moraga’s vision, along with the community’s work and donations, have transformed the landscape of this city with mosaic art currently conquering the Lázaro Cárdenas Park. Bob Price, the founder of the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, has developed a world class facility worthy of a return visit practically any time of the year. And a familiar face from a popular nighttime establishment shares details of how he spends his free time in a way you probably wouldn’t expect. Each of them are proving that life in Vallarta is anything you make it!

Be sure to look around here on the website (and remember this address: for extended versions of these articles, more photos and video, shared content from our partners and friends, and more in-depth reporting on life here in paradise. Search “Out and About PV” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Joseph Brant

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