Katya Homm Properties Inaugurates New Office

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Katya Homm Properties, has recently inaugurated its new office, located at Av. Francisco Villa 1010, Local #10, at Parota Center.

The real estate agency, which is celebrating two years in business, had the office created by the renowned Casa Cubo Architect, Gustavo Obregon Castro.

The new office accommodates the growing number of agents and staff assisting those wishing to settle in our lovely town. As Katya puts it, “We are here to help other’s join us and make Vallarta their home, just like it became mine and my family’s.”

At the grand opening celebration more than 120 guests enjoyed exquisite wine from Cantina di Bacco and indulged in delicious Raicilla cocktails from Memo Wulff’s Arre Corazón Raicilla. Guests were treated to the smooth sounds of Chewy Vega’s groovy 80s-90s mix, and the perfect background by Crates Interiors for the celebration.

Memo and his team treated guests to a mouthwatering Asado Argentino and Ronqueo de Atún, adding the perfect finishing touch to an already incredible event.

Located just 2 blocks aways from Costco, office #10 at Parota Center, emanates an industrial loft appeal, that embodies a perfect fusion of modern elegance and functionality.

Katya Homm Properties,

Homm, the visionary behind the brand, is excited as she extends a warm welcome to both new and existing clients, along with the expanded members of her dedicated team.

Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, Homm’s personal journey is as compelling as her professional success. As a single mother, she arrived in Puerto Vallarta twelve years ago, initially seeking healthcare for her autistic daughter. However, the allure of this picturesque bay proved irresistible, and Katya decided to make it her home. Today, she not only embraces the breathtaking beauty of Puerto Vallarta but also contributes significantly to its real estate landscape.

Taking on a different approach, she started creating captivating videos eight-years ago before becoming a broker. And at the core of this journey is Claudia Gastelum, an essential part of her growth. Katya Homm’s right-hand woman since the very beginning, and now business partner. 

Today, Katya’s brokerage is well known amongst professionals as a leading realtor agency in digital marketing and social media presence. Furthermore, Katya’s vision extends beyond real estate. She aspires to create an institution for children and young adults with autism. Her daughter is her greatest motivation and inspiration, fueling her dedication to making a difference in the lives of others.


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