Edgardo Guel Opens Casa Luxe Real Estate

Navigate Puerto Vallarta Real Estate With Ease

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Edgardo Guel has two passions in life: sailing the beautiful blue waters of the Bay of Banderas, and finding the perfect new home for someone. 

He’s a perfectionist. It helps him in his sailing adventures, making sure everything is in perfect order before he sets out on the high seas. And it helps his clients looking for a new home or condo.

As president, founder and broker of Casa Luxe Real Estate, Guel knows how stressful – and sometimes confusing – buying real estate in a foriegn country can be. One of his top missions is to lower that stress level, and help buyers and sellers understand how to navigate the waters of Mexico real estate.

edgardo in white on boat
Edgardo Guel, president, founder and broker of Casa Luxe Real Estate

And if you’re interested in real estate in Puerto Vallarta, be prepared for a very dynamic market. Guel said he’s seeing the shortest days on market (DOM) in the last decade, due to the high demand for properties. And, so far this year, he said, average sales prices on condos have increased 4.75%. 

“After many years of working in real estate in Puerto Vallarta, I decided to form my own real estate firm here,” Edgardo explained. “It provides the best representation and platform of luxury real estate services in the areas, while supporting our community through socially responsible and sustainable practices.”

Guel didn’t start out his career hoping to get into real estate. Much like sailing, his passion grew during the almost eight years that he worked with Timothy Real Estate Company. 

Guel started Casa Luxe Real Estate in June 2022, and is a certified Real Estate Broker with AMPI. AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios) has published ethical and fiduciary standards that its members are required to maintain. Those standards provide some assurance that the often complex process of a real estate transaction is less likely to go awry through a lack of due diligence on the part of the real estate professionals. 

“Always work with a professional real estate agent who is bilingual,” he said. “And an AMPI member. It is very important to work with an expert who can address your needs and ensure a secure purchase or sale.”

And the name of his new company, Casa Luxe Real Estate, has special significance – drawing from the Spanish meaning of home and pulling in a mention of the type of service his clients will receive.

“Casa in Spanish, besides the architectural definition, includes the institutional designation of a group of people with interests in common,” he said. “Luxe makes reference to the high-touch real estate system brokerage firm we are, by applying the highest standard of excellence to all we do, so our clients can make excellent investments and experience smooth and transparent real estate transactions.”

Casa Luxe Real Estate is a locally owned and operated corporation with an international structure. Guel said he founded the holding company after several years of experience in the real estate business in Puerto Vallarta. 

“I’m focused on success,” he said with a smile. “And thanks to meditation, yoga, veganism, education and time management, I am also able to enjoy a work life balance.”

Guel is a true international traveler and understands the complex nature of purchasing a home in a foriegn country. He worked with the Foreign Affairs at Consulado General de México en Denver from 2011 to 2013. In 2013 he moved to London to attend Queen Mary University of London, obtaining his MBA in Energy and Sustainability Policy. He also has a B.S. degree in Public Policy and Economic Development from UASLP. 

He speaks multiple languages and has studied French, Italian and German. He is fluent in Spanish and English. 

Growing up in San Luis Potosí, México, Edgardo is the third son of four – and has many cousins from both sides of his family. He has been a member of the Puerto Vallarta community for nine years, and its proximity to the ocean is one of the reasons he first visited. 

“I love sailing and draw inspiration from the challenges,” he explained. “Being able to sail on the ocean through the handling of halyards and sheets while directing them according to the wind, waves and weather conditions is really rewarding. It becomes a source of inspiration.”

edgardo and associates
(left to right) Edgardo Guel, President & Broker , Casa Luxe Real Estate; Fernando Landazuri, Administrative Officer , Casa Luxe Real Estate, Albita Alvarez, Real Estate Agent , Casa Luxe Real Estate.

He started sailing in 2007, and two years ago he started competing in the  Regatta Capri 37’ Float with The Dreadnought Sailing Team, Puerto Vallarta Team.

And just like navigating the waters, it’s part of the mission of Casa Luxe Real Estate to help its clients navigate the sometimes challenging real estate market. 

“We empower our clients to materialize their dreams, utilizing our solid structural system of world-class professional representation in real estate transactions,” he said. “As a real estate seller or buyer, we understand your needs and requirements, and we address them with our expertise in the real estate market by delivering a professional real estate experience.”

There are many real estate professionals in Puerto Vallarta. Guel said his capacity to properly represent his clients is backed by his fluent Spanish and English, and his international degree in Economics. Add to that his passion to protect his clients best interests, and he feels like it’s a winning combination. 

“I am a leader who understands the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta,” he said.

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