Beer and Tacos!

Also: a men’s health fair on Saturday, Nov. 10

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The medical professionals at UroVallarta understand the degree to which so many people refuse to talk about health issues.

“I had over 200 people at my pink cocktail the other night at San Javier hospital with prizes and wine and food and it was fabulous,” said Pam Thompson, who is seemingly everyone’s go-to person for health services here. She hosts a speaker’s series and clinics in the city year-round. “But I had just five women show up to my speaker’s program on breast health. People don’t want to hear it, but it’s there, so we’ve got to get to them another way. Any of these cancer topics, we can’t get people to go.”

And so sprung the idea for a men’s health fair. With bands and food and drinks, the event is intended to both entertain and educate.

“Everyone knows about October and breast cancer awareness, but most people don’t know about Movember,” said Habid Becerra, a surgeon of urology who, along with his cousin, Dr. Cinthia Becerra and her father, Dr. Carlos Garcia, are overseeing this year’s Movember initiative.

“The objective of the event is to—”

“Eat tacos and drink beer!” said Pam.

“Because it’s so difficult to host a conversation on this topic.”

“We’ve tried that. It didn’t work,” she said.

“So the thing now is to try to entertain people with games and beer and tacos and very subtly tell them to come here and get your balls checked.”

The event takes place in the parking lot at the UroVallarta clinic in Col. Fluvial at Av. Francisco Villa 1389 on the afternoon of Saturday November 10 from 1-6pm. And, if anything, it’s an excellent opportunity to check out the first-rate facility and learn more about its services.

“In urology, we problem we have is the misconception that the urologist is the male’s gynecologist and we only see kidneys and prostates,” Dr. Habid said. “But that’s not true. It’s a very wide spectrum specialty and the approach that we want to offer to our patients is a clinic that can offer different kinds of urology services, not only for men and women, including hormone replacement therapy.”

“Dr. Garcia is the only doctor in Mexico with the technology to treat prostate cancer by ultrasound,” added Dr. Cinthia. “Together we try to localize faster and stop the growth of the cancer so the treatment is less invasive. Patients are admitted in the morning and discharged in the afternoon. And it’s all ultrasound, no damage to nerves. No side effects. The recovery is good. It’s all done here in our office, the machine is here.”

“And Dr. Garcia has a contract with the developers of the equipment and he trains other doctors,” she said. “Even in the United States, all the doctors train here. It’s a lot of knowledge and we try to educate the people. In the area of urology the technology has grown enormously.”

Beer and Tacos!
A fun men’s health fair
UroVallarta clinic in Col. Fluvial
Av. Francisco Villa 1389
Saturday November 10 from 1-6 p.m.



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