Hotel Amapa Developer Says “Asset Remains Owned by the Same Companies”

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The Developer of Hotel Amapa says that the ownership of the hotel remains that same, and that it is not the same property as the recently announced Tryst Hotel Puerto Vallarta.

David Harries, developer of Hotel Amapa, has emailed O&APV and says that “For the record, the asset remains owned by the same companies, you should retract your inaccurate publication immediately.”

O&APV is happy to set the record straight and has updated the story about The Tryst Hotel to remove the references about it replacing Hotel Amapas. We’ve messaged Harries, as well as representatives from the PR agency with The Tryst Hotel to ask some follow up questions.

When we saw the press release about a new hotel going up in Puerto Vallarta, that was set to open Spring of 2024, we thought it was interesting that it didn’t mention a location – especially with its anticipated opening in just a few months. But the images included with the release looked familiar – and indeed a google search proved they were VERY similar to the ones used when Hotel Amapa was announced. So that seemed to make some sense – a 55-room hotel (which Hotel Amapa has described itself) with similar rooms – maybe its the same building and property.

So we emailed the PR contact listed on the press release for clarification. They responded immediately, that yes, it was indeed the same property.

We also emailed Design Hotels Limited, which is listed as the hotel chain that Hotel Amapa is part of. We didn’t hear anything back and moved forward with the story.

Six days later we heard back from Design Hotels, who said ” Hotel Amapa is still a part of Design Hotels but for a detailed breakdown of its journey to date, I would recommend that you speak with the owner, David Harries. He will be able to give you a comprehensive overview and can be reached for comment.”

We then reached out to Mr. Harries, who wrote “Following this article, which we were surprised to read (you obviously did not take the time to fact check nor confirm the accuracy in advance) the false information that you published to the public. Not only have we been inundated with questions and comments, your lack of care and responsibility is why journalism continues to debase and suffer from ‘fake news”.  For the record, the asset remains owned by the same companies, you should retract your inaccurate publication immediately,”

We’ve emailed Harries back and asked some follow up questions to see when Hotel Amapa will open, and exactly what he’d like corrected in the previous story.

He wrote back saying “The link which you reference and include does not mention me, nor Hotel Amapa, or its address.  As previously advised, and for the record, the asset remains owned by the same companies, you should retract your inaccurate publication immediately.”

And he’s correct – the release posted by The Tryst Hotel does not mention him, nor Hotel Amapa or its address.

We’ve emailed The Tryst Hotel to see what the location of their hotel will be (even though they previously confirmed it was at Calle Púlpito 138 – which is the exact same address as Hotel Amapa).

Confused? We are too – maybe someone jumped the gun on an announcement or maybe some business deal fell apart. Or the two properties are not even the same or related and it was just a coincidence that the rooms looked similar and they both are 55-room properties. We honestly don’t know what has transpired.

But we apologize for adding to any confusion and are happy to set the record straight.

Here are some screen shots that show the similar hotel rooms – which promoted us to seek information to see if the two were related.

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