Historic Center ArtWalk Exhibits National and International Works

The participating galleries in Historic Center are exhibiting and offering paintings, exceptional sculptures, fine ceramics and jewelry.

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Puerto Vallarta has established itself as a vibrant center of art creation, exhibition and promotion. An important contribution to the city´s art scene is Puerto Vallarta´s ArtWalk which this year will be held, every Wednesday 6 to 10 pm, from October 30th, 2019 through May 27th, 2020. The participating galleries in Centro Historico exhibit works by important national and international artists. Remarkable paintings, exceptional sculptures, fine ceramics and jewelry are offered.

Galería Colectika focuses on the evolution of Mexican Art. New colors, forms and techniques have been adapted from the outside world by well-known native and Mexican folk artists. Only One are mexican goldsmiths since 1910. We create unique jewels under the highest standards of quality and design. Pieces formed by hand with the best techniques, small art pieces to wear. Galería Córsica has been an ArtWalk member for many years. Because this contemporary fine art gallery´s catalogue includes only top Mexican artists, the gallery is a favorite of art collectors. Posters International Exhibiting world’s most complete gallery collection of original culture posters from Central Europe.

Cristi Fer Art Studio and Workshops Internationally recognized and collected painters Cristiana Mar and Fernando Gonzalez with an innovative approach and experimental attitude. Galeria Browne It is the intense desire of Art Boys David E. Brown and Santiago Redmond to connect the community and the world to the poetry of colors. Diseño Natural Creators of functional art furniture, home accesories, jewelry and more! We use only the most quality natural materials with modern elements. Mann Made Mexico A modern design gallery for the home where art is presented in a salon style environment. Puerto Vallarta has long been a center for the arts where culture is created. Mann Made Mexico wish to continue this tradition.

Galería Pacifico has presented an eclectic blend of highly talented artists since 1987. Most of the artists represented by this gallery share a diverse contemporary focus. Galeria UNO was honored and celebrated in 2012 for its contribution to art and culture for the past 41 years. Exhibiting the works of over 30 artists living and working in Mexico. LOD, born in 2009, manages only gemstones focusing in Colombian emeralds and Mexican opal among others. Our work is an extension of who we are. The Loft Galería exhibits works of the finest contemporary artists of the Americas, helping individuals and corporations develop interesting valuable collections.

Galería de Ollas is dedicated to showcasing the fine pottery from Mata Ortiz México. From the 300 ceramists in this town, this gallery selects the most refined pieces for exhibit. Galería Caballito de Mar is a love story. They are in love with Mexican art, especially its beauty, creativity, variety and complexity. They visit dozens of places, large and small, to meet artists who imbue their work with Mexican culture, history and passion. Sergio Bustamante The essence and magic of Mexico dwell in each artistic creation of well known artist Sergio Bustamante, his sculptures, paintings and jewelry embody a personal lexicon inhabited by a cast of fantastic characters that narrate wondrous stories.

The ArtWalk Association is proud to recommend Café Des Artistes. A perfect dinner will turn any ArtWalk gallery evening into a fantastic culinary art experience.