Fundraiser Set for Injured Dancer Joy Jordan

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Joy Jordan, a Puerto Vallarta dancer, has suffered a serious knee injury and his friends and fellow performers are coming together to help raise funds for surgery and physical therapy.

The event will be held at Hotel Mercurio on Saturday, March 23, 2024 from 4 to 6 p.m. Performers will donate all tips. Those expected to perform include:

Artists participating include: Nacho Granados – (MC / cantante); Stiven Bermudez – (gogo/bailarín); Boys on Fire (4 a 6 gogos)l Chris López – (Cantante); Alberto Cuevas (cantante); Kronos (drag); Indra (Cantante / Bailarina); and Oscar Rubio (DJ).

“Joy has suffered a serious knee injury involving several torn or damaged ligaments and a torn meniscus. This type of damage will not heal on it’s own and without surgery, will permanently limit Joy’s mobility,” said Paul Crist, Hotel Mercurio owner. “Obviously, without surgery and post-surgical physiotherapy for 2-3 months, he will be unable to return to dance. We’re not going to let that happen.”

Corey Hassey, one of Joy’s friends, has set up this fundraiser on GoFundMe if you wish to give online. You can find the fundraiser here. And you can watch Joy’s plea for help on this Youtube video (in Spanish).

“Once again, we pull together as a community to help one of our own who is in need,” Crist said.

Joy’s injury is significant – especially for a dancer. He has a partial tear in the anterior cruciate ligament with involvement of 50% of its posterolateral fibers; A horizontal tear of the medial meniscus in the posterior horn. Tendinitis with avulsion of the tibial tubercle of 6 mm. Marked joint effusion with presence of incomplete anteromedial plica. Edema in the lateral gastrocnemius muscle and biceps femoris.

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