Experience Turkish and Moroccan Hamam in Puerto Vallarta

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Hamam Turkish Boutique Spa Offers Escape and Relaxation

Hamam Turkish Boutique Spa opened in February of 2019 and it has been winning converts ever since. A one of a kind venue in Puerto Vallarta, you have the sense of being in a far away land as soon as you enter the peaceful space. 

Multicolored Turkish lamps hang peacefully from the ceiling, Middle Eastern music plays softly in the background, and a large picture of the stunningly beautiful Blue Mosque and adjacent Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey hangs proudly in the lobby. 

Visiting with Tommie Lopez, the Manager of Hamam, on the first afternoon of December 2023, he described to me the pilgrimages the staff made to Istanbul, Turkey in September of 2021 and to Marrakesh, Morocco in September of 2023. 

haman turkish bath

They received specialized training from male attendants called Tellaks, and female attendants called Natirs, who both perform the Hamam Ritual.  By learning the techniques  indigenous to those lands, they were then able to offer a more authentic experience here, which incorporated new offerings of products such as black olive eucalyptus soap, kesse gloves and fragrant Moroccan soaps of; rose, lavender, and citrus. 

Tommie explained that their process is a mixture of both the Turkish and Moroccan Hamam. He stated thoughtfully, “we have combined the best of both worlds to apply to our Hamam Ritual here in Vallarta.”

I learned the Hamam Ritual enjoyed in Puerto Vallarta is different in one key aspect to a treatment that you would receive in Turkey, or Morocco. Here, a specially trained massage therapist conducts the entire treatment, whereas in other countries one attendant performs the Hamam, then another attendant performs the massage. Having one person perform both aspects of the Ritual makes the process a more seamless encounter.

haman turkish bath

A range of packages for men, women, couples, private groups, and individuals are available. All services provided are professional in nature, and each member of the staff is dedicated to that professionalism. 

The most popular offering is the Signature Hamam Ritual, which is a process that combines detoxifying the body, with exfoliation of the skin. The treatment is two hours in duration, at a cost of $2,900 pesos. It begins with ten minutes in a dry sauna, which helps to open the pores, then moving to the steam sauna where black olive eucalyptus soap is applied and left on for ten minutes. 

The bathing process is approximately forty minutes, and it is during this time the soap is removed with the Kesse glove of the attendant. A rest period of thirty minutes includes a sheet mask treatment of eucalyptus and green tea, the combination of which has the effect of exfoliating and hydrating the skin. Light snacks which pair perfectly with a delicious Turkish tea are served during this time. 

haman turkish bath

A relaxing massage that is approximately forty five minutes in duration is the perfect conclusion to the Hamam experience. With the removal of dirt and other impurities from the skin’s surface, and with improved circulation due to increased blood flow, guests should emerge with an invigorated, squeaky clean feeling. 

Another popular treatment that is offered is the Vichey Shower and Body Scrub. Originating in France during the Second World War, it is ninety minutes in duration, at a cost of $2,200 pesos. Five cascading waterfalls are used for the shower, which includes a choice of; salt, sugar, or coffee scrub for the exfoliation. 

haman turkish bath

As I took my leave after the incredibly informative conversation with Tommie, I couldn’t help thinking how wonderful, unique and unusual it is that a Turkish Bath & Spa can be discovered in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Come soon to enjoy this amazing cultural experience, your skin and body will be grateful you did.       

Information to Know:

Hamam Turkish Boutique Spa
Lazaro Cardenas 240, Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta 48380
Telephone 52 322 214 4827
Email hamampv@gmail.com  

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