Diversity Cabinet Formed to Promote Inclusive Public Policies

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In a meeting called by the Councilor Lupita Guerrero, president of the Commission for Gender Equality and Integral Human Development of the Puerto Vallarta City Council, the dialogue began with representatives of various organizations of sexual diversity.

The Movement for Equality in Mexico (MOVii), in the voice of Víctor Espíndola, proposed the holding of a Cabildo for Diversity in Puerto Vallarta.

“This initiative,” he said, “seeks to expand the spaces for representation and participation for the LGBTIQ+ community, strengthening democracy and promoting equality in our city.”

“Taking inspiration from the success of the diversity councils in cities like Cuernavaca and Zapopan, this project aims to generate, in a kind of open parliament and through institutional means, initiatives that promote and ensure the rights of the population of the gender diversity,” he explained.

He added that the presentation of a proposal for a building agreement, an open call for the selection of representatives and the holding of the thematic council to present proposals for public policies, which will be given institutional follow-up, are being discussed.

“The ‘Cabildo de la Diversidad’ is constituted as a space for active and representative participation, where different actors from the LGBTIQ+ community will be able to elevate and give an institutional channel to their proposals, beyond good intentions,” Espíndola stressed.

In addition, during the meeting, various topics were addressed for the benefit of the LGBTIQ+ population. The importance of continuing the training of the police in sexual and gender diversity was highlighted, as well as disseminating the regulations of the municipality with foreigners through the creation of materials in English.

In addition, emphasis was placed on allocating favoring health care for the LGBTIQ+ population, as well as strengthening education on trans childhoods in schools and having an office in the City Hall dedicated to addressing sexual diversity. The need for a day home for the LGBTIQ+ community and to reinforce security during Pride events was also raised.

Likewise, the integration of foreigners in public affairs was discussed, considering the incidents reported in terms of security. The importance of updating the municipal regulations to prevent and eliminate discrimination was addressed, promoting equality and respect in all areas of life.

All these proposals will be closely followed by the Equality Commission, chaired by councilor Lupita Guerrero and made up of María Elena Curiel, Carla Esparza, Pablo Ruperto Gómez, Francisco Sánchez Gaeta, Juan Carlos Hernández and Sara Mosqueda Torres.

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