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Looking for a fun filled, educational daytime activity that involves alcohol? Look no further than a guided Sensorial Journey facilitated by Isis Hernandez at her lovely bar Savia Agave Niche, located within Elixir Mixology Bar. 

Opening in April of this year, it is an impressive addition to the incredible experience Elixir, as it is popularly known, is famous for. Visiting with Isis on a rainy evening in early October, she shared details of the culture, spirit and toil that are embodied in each bottle that is expertly presented. 

Savia Agave Niche

Born in Ameca, Jalisco in the Valley of Tequila, Isis was raised in a family of five children, two girls and three boys, she being the youngest of them all. Her Father was a schoolteacher, who sadly passed away when she was only twelve years of age. Her Mother is still living in Ameca, and the family remains close knit. 

Isis eventually moved to the US, and spent ten formative years beginning in her twenties, in Santa Rosa, California, on the North Bay. She is still attached to the region, but returned to her native land, feeling the draw of Mexico. 

“I know who I am,” Isis stated proudly. “I’m passionate about my Mexican heritage, I love the culture, the beautiful mixture of religion, traditional rituals, and warmth; it all makes me feel more vibrant,” she said smiling. 

Savia Agave Niche diploma

With this in mind, Isis settled in the town of Tequila, and managed La Cata, the first independent tequila tasting room in that storied locale. She also worked for Fortaleza in Tequila, before moving to Puerto Vallarta in May of 2022. 

A mutual friend introduced her to the owners of Bar Mixology Elixir; Laura James, and Elena Zolezzi. The three developed an instant friendship that led to a partnership that is complementary to both bars. 

Savia’s hours of operation are from 12pm to 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday, while Elixir’s hours of operation are from 6pm to 12am Thursday to Saturday, and from 6pm to 11pm on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Both bars are closed on Monday.  

As I settled in, I noticed an intriguing symbol directly behind the bar, a red agave core, calling to mind a human heart.

Savia Agave Niche

The liquid that transports the nutrients in the piña of the agave is similar to blood transporting nutrients in the human body. Isis, who is a certified expert in tequila, highlighted what guests can expect when they arrive. The tasting will normally last for one hour, but a custom tasting can be designed on the spot. 

The price for the tasting begins at 450 pesos per person, and goes up to 950 pesos per person. The expressions highlighted are; tequila, raicilla, mezcal, bacanora, and sotol. Single tastings are available, and Mexican beer is available upon request. 

Isis explained that a tasting is actually best to do in the daytime, as your pallet is cleaner, and your brain is more alert to sense the flavors, aromas and colors that the journey evokes. 

Continuing, we discussed that each tasting really is a completely individual experience. 

Savia Agave Niche

“What you discover in the bottle is related to your own experience with life, one person will have an entirely different sensory experience that another,” Isis intoned. 

I asked her, of every type of spirit that is offered, what is her personal favorite?  She answered reflectively, “Everything that I serve is my favorite, because every bottle has one thing about it that I love.”

Continuing, Isis explained, “For the first time tequila drinker, it is important to know they are being guided by a professional, who selects the offerings with care, and dedication.” The guiding principle behind Savia Agave Niche is to welcome each guest with respect and camaraderie, and to bring the culture of Mexico to all who enter. 

After thanking Isis for her hospitality and wealth of knowledge, I headed out into the rainy night. 

As I glanced back at the warmly lit bar, I thought to myself, I cannot think of a better way to spend an hour of a Puerto Vallarta afternoon than enjoying the liquid delicacies presented by Isis Hernandez, at her beautiful oak bar named Savia Agave Niche.  

To enjoy a tasting, stop in anytime during normal business hours, or telephone to book in advance. 


Savia Agave Niche


Basilio Badillo 419, Emiliano Zapata, Puerto Vallarta 48380

Telephone 52 333 402 1445

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