Debby Holiday brings the ‘Queens of Rock’ to Vallarta

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Debby Holiday is in town!

The singer/songwriter — who recently released a 26-track double album, Free2B, that is equal parts rock and dance — is perhaps the most popular performer you don’t know. In a discussion about the ways the music industry trade publication Billboard tabulates its Dance music chart and her collection of twelve Top 20 singles, Holiday acknowledged that many times she’s approached by fans only after they’ve heard her sing; “they recognize the song,” she said, “and then they say, “That’s YOU?!”

“I’ve performed at probably every Pride festival in the U.S.,” she added, with a knowing glance.

Holiday appears this week at Act II in the Red Room for two shows: Tuesday May 29 and Thursday May 31. In advance of the first performance, Holiday sat down for a quick interview with O&APV at one of the performer-designated condos that Act II avails its guest artists where, among other highlights, she added her own signed photo to the location’s wall of fame.

More information is available at Tickets for the Thursday performance are available now online.


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