Get a Total Body Experience with Personal Trainer in Puerto Vallarta with fitness expert Daniel Duran

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[Contact Daniel via his Facebook page or message him via Whatsapp at +52 55 2936 5316, or email him at]

Daniel Duran, a familiar face to many in Puerto Vallarta, wants to work with you to achieve your fitness goals through his “total body experience” program.

Duran said his services are available to anyone, even if they are just here on vacation.

“I want to be your personal trainer,” he said. “I live here in Puerto Vallarta, and whether you live here full-time, part-time or are on vacation, I want to work with you to reach your fitness goals.”

daniel total fitness progam

His philosophy is simple. He wants you to look good, feel good and be healthy. 

“To do that you need a total body experience,” he said. “I believe we all should enjoy life, but we need to stay consistent with our diet and exercise. It’s my goal to work with you to create that experience.”

Duran is originally from Colombia and has lived in Ecuador and the United States. He moved to Puerto Vallarta from the United States. He said his interests outside of physical fitness include travel, tennis, owning a family restaurant in Colombia and being the manager of Therapy here in Puerto Vallarta.

“Exercising has always been part of my life and I’ve been doing personal training for 10+ years. Movement is medicine,” he said. “Staying physically active even for just a few minutes a day does wonders for the body. It also improves one’s mood and stress management. I want to share the love and benefits I receive from exercise with others.”

Duran said that to get started, he would love to chat about your habits and goals to build your fitness foundation.  

daniel total fitness progam

“Next, I’ll develop a routine for you and that’s when the fun starts,” he said. “Training is not only about what you feel but how you feel. As we work together, I’m confident you’ll begin to feel the enthusiasm, optimism, excitement and happiness that I still feel everytime I work out.  Remember, this investment in your health is probably one of the best investments you can make in yourself and you should feel good about it.”So are you ready to reach your fitness potential? Whether you are looking to work on your beach body, be more athletic, or you just want to feel better and live a healthier lifestyle, Duran wants you to contact him via his Facebook page to get started or message him via Whatsapp at +52 55 2936 5316, or email him at

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