Dancing, Laughter, and Celebration: Carnaval Puerto Vallarta Beckons in 2024

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The promise of an electrifying return, an event that ignites the spirit of festivity and camaraderie like no other— Carnaval Puerto Vallarta – returns with the resounding theme of “Dance, Laugh, and Celebrate.”

This iconic celebration is set to make a triumphant return from February 22nd to 24th, 2024. Organized by a collaboration of local businesses and the municipal government, the carnival aims not only to reignite the flames of tradition but also to beckon travelers from far and wide to experience the magic of Puerto Vallarta.

Photos from the 2018 Carnaval in Puerto Vallarta. Photos provided by Dasan Pillai. You can view more from his Facebook page here.

In a departure from the customary timing associated with Carnivals worldwide, Puerto Vallarta’s rendition will take place later in the calendar year, strategically planned to allure tourists seeking to prolong their revelry. While Carnaval typically marks the prelude to Lent, here in PV, it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of celebration that knows no bounds.

The roots of Carnaval Puerto Vallarta trace back to 1956 when it first emerged as a philanthropic endeavor to support social causes. Since then, it has woven itself into the cultural fabric of the city, albeit with intermittent hiatuses over the years. Now, in 2024, it returns with renewed vigor and spectacle, poised to captivate the hearts of both locals and visitors alike.

Stretching from the Sheraton Hotel to the Romantic Zone, the festivities will paint the town in a kaleidoscope of colors and rhythms.

On February 22nd you can see the coronation of the Carnival queen—a symbol of grace and elegance.

On the following day, Feb. 23, attention will turn to the vibrant tapestry of diversity within Puerto Vallarta as the queen of the LGBT community takes center stage alongside the quirky and irreverent Ugly King, each embodying the inclusive spirit that defines the city.

all carnaval candidates 2024

LGBTTTIQ+, LGBTTTIQ XL Carnival Queen and the presentation of the Ugly King
Plaza Lazaro Cárdenas (tile park)
6:00 pm (Event by Super Wendy’s)

On February 24th, the streets will have the procession of the official parade, a dazzling spectacle that will wind its way through the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

With four stages scattered across the streets of Colonia 5 de Diciembre, Downtown Puerto Vallarta, and the Romantic Zone, revelers will be treated to a symphony of music, dance, and joyous celebration.

2024 Puerto Vallarta Carnaval map

For three unforgettable days, Puerto Vallarta will be more than just a destination—it will be a beacon of celebration, inviting all who dare to join in the dance of life.

For more information and updates, visit Carnaval Puerto Vallarta on Facebook, or reach out via email or phone:

Facebook: Carnaval Puerto Vallarta

Email: elcarnavalpv@gmail.com

Phone: +52 322 160 5575

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