Blanca Villaseñor Encourages PV Visitors to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

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Taking time off in Puerto Vallarta can be an almost cathartic experience for many, especially in these challenging times and now it can also be a life changing visit as well.  Blanca Villaseñor is one of the leading nutritionist experts in the area and is highly experienced in pre-surgery weight control and post-op nutritional care.  She is also certified in ketogenic dieting which is a great program for visitors who have a short amount of time in town but still want to lose some weight, whether it be for an upcoming surgery or a better beach body.


Villaseñor believes that Puerto Vallarta is a great option for those looking to create a healthy lifestyle change.  “Some of the benefits of coming to Puerto Vallarta are not only the excellent climate, beautiful beaches and friendly people, but the proximity of the airport.” She mentions,  “This is a big difference to other cities in which airports are more limited in connectivity or far from the city.”


Most of the patients she sees are looking to lose some weight before a bariatric or spine surgery.  Losing the extra weight before these surgeries dramatically decreases risks and down time post surgery.  This also has an economic effect since the easier and less complicated the situation, fewer extra expenses will arise.  Thanks to the wonders of the ketogenic diet, Viallaseñor can get patients down to a formidable weight for surgery from 2 to 4 weeks prior.


Many other visitors not planning on having surgery may just want to create a healthier lifestyle and this is the perfect place to take on that endeavour.  Organic fruits and vegetables, a quick smoothie stop, or a fresh cup of fresh fruit are all part of the lifestyle here and they won’t make a big dent in your budget.  It’s actually easier and less expensive to eat healthy here and it’s a great opportunity to break away from junk food, which is not as readily available as in the U.S. or Canada.  Travelers tend to walk more when they’re in town, with everything a couple of blocks away and the absence of a car helps turn walking everywhere into an enjoyable daily habit.  These seemingly small changes add up and with the help of Villaseñor nutritional guidance anyone can take full advantage of their time in Puerto Vallarta and make a life long positive change.


For those interested in her services, Blanca speaks Spanish, English and French and can see you at the office or at your home in PV.  Her services range from $450 MXN up to $700 MXN for house visits.  This includes a full evaluation and nutritional treatment every time.  She caters to foreign patients who are detail oriented when it comes to their progress and who prefer having a more constant monitoring from their nutritionist.  


With many foreign travelers planning on spending their summer in PV now that vaccines have been rolled out in our northern neighboring countries, Blanca considers this a perfect time to knock off those pandemic LBs.  We all feel much better when we are healthy and in shape so there seems to be no better time, or place, to get back into healthy habits.  All this, of course, with the help of a professional like Blanca Villaseñor.

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