Artisan lifestyle at a level of excellence with Hacienda: hda.

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Combining the harmony of the places with a visual game that is a delight for any spectator is not an easy thing. Although it is not impossible either, Hacienda: hda., Is an aesthetic concept that is adjusted according to the needs of each client. Although they can help you create a perfect environment in your home, they can also do it in your business, offices or many other places where you may need it.

Most of its products are exhibited in the Fluvial gallery (located at Río Amarillo 272 floor 1). Textile items such as napkins, placemats, rugs, etc., have their own store which can be admired and bought in the romantic zone (Venustiano Carranza 263 local D) and its most recent opening: hda. Gallery an exclusive space for the exhibition of painting and sculpture, located in the center (Miramar 406).

Behind this great company we have Salvador Mascareñas and his husband Brett Kladney, who directed the design department of Pottery Barn for more than 17 years achieving a very specific vision of how to adapt to the different needs of customers. He is the founder of the showroom and with his experience as an interior designer, industrialist, artist and consultant, he is in charge of directing the design department with his approach and point of view always correct to complement even the last details, they assure us that each piece your approved projects will be unique and functional, creating spaces with personality.

“This is more than interior design or a large collection of furniture, lighting, and home decor, at Hacienda: hda. We offer you to take your lifestyle to a level of excellence”. We can read on the company’s website.

A very important added value is its notorious artisan concept, since the designs are inspired by Mexican culture. 

It is not surprising that Mexico stands out in its crafts, due to the great variety and diversity of cultures that exist in the country. This is thanks to families who have dedicated their lives to creating and preserving the traditions that their relatives have inherited over the years.

Brett Kladney and Salvador Macareñas, marveling at the creations made in Mexico, made the decision to undertake this project, working with artisans from the country.

“The impulse to create Hacienda: hda was to help and improve the conditions of Mexican artisans to be more easily recognized by the contemporary consumer’s taste”. Said Brett and Salvador

When you arrive at the place you will be amazed or amazed with what is around you, take some time to contemplate what is presented to you; open the mind, and in addition to observing, contemplate the sensations that the objects there can transmit to you.

“The line between art and crafts is crossed back and forth to provoke emotions and to be able to distinguish what is going to be adjusted to one’s own need. And if you have doubts or want to make sure with the advice of an expert, we offer a free decoration advice”.

And if you already have an idea that you want to be created, or you have something in mind, but you don’t know how to translate it, you can create a variety of pieces according to your tastes and needs.

“If a more in-depth study is requested with measurements, specifications and renderings, we can also provide these services, but it would already be asking for a fee for the people who take the trouble to carry out these details. If you want, you can. This is where we personalize our products and services 100%”.

So if the fact of remodeling your place a bit was on your mind, this is the moment, whether you appreciate the pieces in their stores, order something customizable or simply take a look online.

For more information:

322 596 1488

322 175 3941

Río Amarillo 272 Floor 1, Fluvial Vallarta,

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, CP 48312


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