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Art is something that as people feeds us, makes us feel and enjoy. That is why today I want to share with you my experience in a beautiful theater, with a great variety of artists of which I am sure many will be to your liking. I’m talking about the Act2PV Theater, located at Insurgentes 330, in Puerto Vallarta.

Not only does Act2PV provide a great series of shows and artists, it has a beautiful bar, that gives you the feeling of being in an elegant yet comfortable place with a wide variety of liquors. Which you can enjoy both there and in the theater, since they are divided by a large door, which helps so that the sound of the theater does not resonate so much in the bar.

Well, the night started and after admiring the place and ordering a flirty drink, I got ready to witness the night’s show.

I had the fortune to witness the great singer and performance “Karma da bitch”, who fascinated not only me but the entire audience. In addition to enjoying her great voice, she and her dancers stood out with their creative choreographies and of course, the play of lights, costumes and production gave a great bonus to visual enjoyment.

Without a doubt it was a great and fun night that you can also experience, since Act2PV has many shows that may be interesting to you.

And definitely, if you have the opportunity to enjoy the Karma show, I highly recommend it.

So now you know, if you are looking for good shows and entertainment, there are alot of options in Puerto Vallarta and you can add this to your list of must dos.

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