Wild Eco-Park Adventure in the Jungle

By air, land and water, this journey has everything to guarantee a place in your memory and your heart.

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If you feel like having a wild and fun adventure, surely this will be the experience of your life, this tour is ranked number one in the outdoor activities in Puerto Vallarta, according to TripAdvisor.

The location is privileged, but we do know it is located six miles south of Vallarta in a private reserve in the Sierra Madre. Tickets for the tour cost $119 per adult and $83 per child.

4x4 Unimog all-terrain trucks
4×4 Unimog all-terrain trucks

The start of the journey offered by Vallarta Adventures Outdoor Adventure begins with an inflatable boat ride to the fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan. From that point, on board a traction truck for 15 people or unimog, half of the transfer is made to the main base in the mountain, the other half is done by mule through the rainforest.

The mule ride is easy and it only takes 25 minutes from the base to the first zip line. You do not need experience and the guides give you directions at the beginning of the tour. Although the waters that are crossed are calm, this tour requires a lot of physical activity to be able to take it, it is necessary to have a good condition that allows you to walk uphill.

Fly through a series of exciting ziplines.
Fly through a series of exciting ziplines.

After the journey uphill through the mountain, the descent is done through different activities, including suspension bridges and sliding down a fun slide.

The most pleasant descent is rappelling beside of majestic waterfalls. Each group is accompanied by a professional photographer who captures the memories of each participant while going down, at the end of the tour they deliver all the evidence of the adventure.

Wild Eco-Park Adventure in the Jungle - Exciting ziplines.
Wild Eco-Park Adventure in the Jungle – Exciting ziplines.

The adrenaline rush is provided by the exciting zip lines that travel 200 to 1000 feet high above the treetops.

Undoubtedly, the most outstanding zip line of this tour offered by Vallarta Adventures is the Roller Coaster Zipline, a world unique attraction that fuses the sensation of flying at full speed of a zip line suspended in the middle of the trees, but with the climbs, descents and turns of a roller coaster.

The zip lines of Vallarta Adventures are considered safe, they have double security and meet all international standards of accredited developers such as the one provided by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

In addition to ensuring that a relaxed environment is maintained, the team made up of experienced guides throughout the tour and particularly in the zip lines remain alert and take care of everyone’s safety.

After feeling the adrenaline in each test and appreciating the flora and fauna of the place from the heights, the adventure ends with a fearless launch by the highest slide in Mexico, there could be no better closure for this experience than cooling off in the natural pools from the heart of the Sierra Madre.

The highest water slide drop in Mexico
The highest water slide drop in Mexico

Venturing in the middle of the mountain and enjoying the lush and natural beauty of the area is a whole different experience, it is important to continue supporting the activities that are friendly and responsible towards the natural resources in this side of Mexico.

This unique adventure includes:

  • Roller Coaster Zipline, with all the speed of a zipline with the unique sensation of a roller coaster suspended by cables from the trees.
  • Jet across the bay on an exhilarating speed boat transport.
  • Explore the Sierra Madre mountains on 4×4 Unimog all-terrain trucks.
  • Ride a mule up a mountain and deeper into the subtropical forest.
  • Rappel down breathtaking waterfalls.
  • Take a canopy tour through the jungle’s spectacular hanging bridges.
  • Fly through a series of exciting ziplines.
  • Splashdown from the highest water slide drop in Mexico.