Vallarta Botanical Garden among the top ten in North America

For its location, maintenance and activities was recognized at the Garden Tourism Conference of North America

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The Vallarta Botanical Garden garnered another award in its fruitful existence, endorsing its place as the best in Mexico, on the list of the 10 Best Gardens in North America to visit in 2019, said Michel Gauthier, executive director of the Canadian Garden Council, which grants this annual recognition.

In the Conference of Tourism of Gardens of North America, the Botanical Garden of Vallarta received outstanding comments for its location, maintenance and activities that consolidate it as a place worth a visit when you are in Puerto Vallarta, a paradise by itself within from the wide catalog of places that can be visited in the surroundings of this tourist destination.

The Garden Tourism Awards are given to organizations and individuals that have distinguished themselves in the development and promotion of experiences in the gardens as tourist attractions and motivators. The awards are proudly supported by the Canadian Garden Council, the American Public Gardens Association and the Mexican Botanical Gardens Association and sponsored by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association.


Garden tourism can be an important component of the product and tourist offer of a destination. Recent statistics indicate that more than 25 million people travel annually to North America to visit gardens and, in fact, the global market for garden visitors exceeds 250 million people, said Neil Gerlowski, executive director of the Vallarta Botanical Garden.

In addition, the director commented that in the spirit of the conference theme “Taking garden tourism to the next level”, the winners of the “Garden Tourism Awards 2019” were announced, and important data of the spill that fans move to these natural spaces.

Research indicates that 46 percent of visits to the general garden at least one overnight, and according to demographic analysis, these visitors include all age classes. In Canada, Destination British Columbia estimates that the value of garden tourism in that province alone exceeds $300 million annually.

Meanwhile, the latest research in the United Kingdom shows that garden tourism generates almost 3 billion pounds of economic impact.

“That is, the gardens not only have a significant economic impact, but also improve the tourist experience of a destination, while providing positive social and health benefits,” said Gerlowski.

The ten best North American Gardens worth visiting in 2019 are (in alphabetical order):

1.-Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, Georgia.
2.-The Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
3.-Chanticleer Garden, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA
4.-Botanical Garden of Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.
5.-Francisco Javier Clavijero Botanical Garden, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.
6.-Ganna Waska Lotusland, Montecito, California, USA.
7.-Longwood Gardens, Kenneth Square, Pennsylvania
8.-Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal, Canada.
9.-Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, Lethbridge, Alberta.
10.-Red Butte Garden, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.