Rainy Season Arrives in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta’s “rainy season” has arrived, and while many think that it is an impediment to enjoy the city, it’s actually just the opposite.

From July to October, Puerto Vallarta’s weather sees regular showers almost every afternoon, ranging from drizzles to thunderstorms. These storms can be magnificent to watch as lightning strikes across the sky and lights up the ocean.

This is the opportunity to carry out activities that we normally do not do, such as going to the cinema to see a good movie or have a movie night at home with friends; have a coffee in the afternoon or simply let yourself feel the rain and enjoy. Of course, always take your precautions, carry an umbrella, raincoat and take your time so that storms do not surprise you.

We must also mention that in this rainy season many streets are flooded and it can become a real chaos – in that sense we recommend you take precautions and if you are caught at any time by storms, breathe and try to take it as best you can with a positive attitude.

While some may assume that Puerto Vallarta’s weather is always sunny and warm, there are seasons that bring cooler nights and rain to paradise.

In these months there is also the hurricane season in Puerto Vallarta. As tropical storms build up in the Pacific Ocean, local authorities stay on top of any changes in Puerto Vallarta’s weather and alert the public to any new developments.

As you watch the storms roll by during Puerto Vallarta’s hurricane season, you’ll witness the majestic power of Mother Nature as the fresh air provides relief from the hot sun.

Puerto Vallarta’s weather in the rainy season breathes new life into the jungle. The leaves unfurl like bright flowers bursting from the ground. After long dry months, the rain paints the mountains emerald green, and while there is a considerable amount of moisture in the air, Puerto Vallarta’s weather during this time makes it the perfect season for hiking and adventure.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the cool life that springs up in late summer.

Since most of the rain falls in the late afternoon, you can enjoy long sunny mornings on the beach or schedule tours before sunset, which is actually when most of the rain falls.

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta during the rainy season is also a smart option for those looking for travel deals. Many airlines and resorts offer the best deals of the year from July to October.

It is the so-called Low Season and you can enjoy the city without so many crowds, you can spread out on the beaches and quickly sit down, even in the most popular restaurants in the city, which will give you even more reasons to love the rainy season in Mexico.

As July arrives, you can take advantage of the lowest prices of the year at the best resorts in Puerto Vallarta.

Dance in the rain or watch the storm roll by, while enjoying the nightlife and vibrant atmosphere of PV.

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