Take A Moment to Create and Celebrate: Out and About in Vallarta

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Everyone has a cellphone camera it seems and most people had one or two good working eyes. Today while Out and About in Vallarta it hit me that there are several possible roving reporters out there.

I love seeing images through other peoples eyes and wondered if by seeing three photos which I captured today, might inspire others to capture and submit their images for others to see.

Out and About has so many meanings, I as a hetero woman love the fact that the community is inclusive as exclusivity marginalizes, something which before recovery I often experienced.

Stigma and shame were my middle name and I respect, honour and follow the path of LGBTQ2+ who came before me.

As a hetero white she, I hid in the closet, the dark for many years, due to the fear of people shunning, excluding, judging me.  I saw the power in the 1980’s, formative years for me, during the AiDS crisis.

People were dying, as people with opiate addiction so often do now.  Death was deemed to be a result of “chosen behaviour” for both groups until some brave, courageous gay people came forth

They walked proudly out of shadows which today has inspired me, to be honest about self, claim my identity and be out in public about my recovery.  

Everyone, while I was drunk, using cocaine other drugs in public, knew who I was, so why now, while abstinent, not abusing substances, no alcohol for 35+ years, practicing the principles of love, tolerance, acceptance and patience in all of my affairs; while making restitution for my past, making amends, being responsible and accountable for me—why then do I want to now hide this side of me while I live a solid life, clean in recovery?

Being out and about has set me free, truly for the first time in my life I can spread my wings, walk around and claim all of me.

I am OK today so I want to thank ALL of you, for showing me the way, the path that I call, uncover, discover and recover (me).  I UNCOVER my past, who I was and thought myself to be, I DISCOVER what I did, who I became and now wish to be and in this process I RECOVER me, who and what the universe intends me to be.

So today, being inspired by the courage of all you and this loving energy called inclusivity, I present three images to you (I like things in threes).  Perhaps if you also feel inspired, maybe consider using that ubiquitous cellphone you might own combined with your own roving reporter your hopefully one or two good working eyes and share a part of your life with us by submitting a snapshot or two of your Out and About…..

I am a CAT, a woman walking in bustling Romantic Zone, with Gucci pants; proudly Out and About, wearing a—how she identifies—T shirt. Boldly making a statement in Vallarta of ALL places!

The darling little Chihuahua, so apropos for Vallarta, a rescue, ten years old, shivering due to the much celebrated and needed temperature cool down relief. 

Her outfit and leash are carefully crafted, hand designed, the “in” thing now, post Covid years. It is the latest in couture crochet, fashioned by the owner.  Lila, the dog, who is 10 years old, pranced proudly Out and About, not peeing on the dress while peeing, so clever she is.


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