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PrEP is an abbreviation for the term pre-exposure prophylaxis. It’s the use of anti-HIV medications to keep HIV negative people from becoming infected. Taking a pill once a day can be 92 – 100 percent efficient in preventing HIV.

Presently, the only PrEP medication authorized by the United States’ Federal Drug Administration is Truvada, which consists of a combination of emtricitabine and tenofovir. The use of PrEP requires a medical prescription, along with special, health-related considerations.

PrEP does not substitute the use of condoms, nor is it a vaccine, or offer protection against other sexually-transmitted infections.

PrEP is for you if you are:

Sexually active, 18 years old, or older
HIV negative, after taking a fourth-generation HIV test
A man that has sex with other men
A transgender woman
Someone that enjoys anal sexual intercourse without a condom
Someone who has sex with men that have sex with other men, transgender women, or HIV positive individuals
Someone who has sex in exchange for money, gifts, drugs or other incentives
Someone with a diagnosis or treatment for a sexually-transmitted infection during the past three months
Someone who lives with a serodiscordant partner (where one in the couple is HIV-positive and the other one is not)

For more information about PrEP, visit SETAC’s Community Center.

SETAC has a Community Center located at Aldanaca 178, 4A&B (at the corner with Viena) in Colonia Versalles, where you can schedule an appointment for an HIV or syphilis test. SETAC also offers sexual health-related counseling services, along with a variety of cultural and recreational activities to strengthen the local LGBTQ community. For more information, please visit SETAC’s website at, call (322) 224-1974, send an email at, or follow the organization on Facebook at

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