Saltwater Fish Tank Finds New Home at ThrIVe MedSpa

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On the evening of October 30th 2023, one of the largest saltwater fish tanks in all of Puerto Vallarta was transported in dramatic fashion from its former home within Studs Bear and Leather Bar, to its new home within ThrIVe Med Spa.

Mikel Alvarez, CEO and Co-Founder of ThrIVe, who recently acquired the giant tank, told us of the painstaking process that would be required to save the life of the fish within, and then safely move everything from one Basilio Badillo location to the other.

fish tank move from studs to thrive
Photo by Oscar Almeida

“Beginning at high noon on Monday October 30th, the fish were carefully transferred to a temporary receptacle next to the tank at Studs, while the process of draining the saltwater began in earnest,” he said. “Due to its sheer size, and the amount of water within the tank, it took nearly six hours for it to be completely emptied.”

An eight man crew arrived promptly in the evening, supervisedby an overseer, and facilitated by a team of architects. It was quickly determined due to the extreme weight of the tank itself, that two more men were needed. 

studs fish tank move to thrive
Photo by Oscar Almeida

After much consultation, and an attempt to even scoot the tank and stand a very short distance, more reinforcements were called for. Seven more men arrived, and the contingent now seventeen strong were then ready to begin the procession down the busy sidewalk.

The tank was transported first, and on the faces of the observers, an anxious look of concern was palpable. One wrong move could bring glass shattering down, and with it the end of the dream of preserving this incredible work of art. With great effort, the tank was carried into ThrIVe and was then placed on wooden beams, awaiting the arrival of the stand which followed shortly thereafter. 

The final harrowing piece of the puzzle was the workers picking up the tank, and with all their collective might, placing it ever so gently atop the stand, finally sliding both safely into place, sitting proudly in front of a dramatically beautiful scene of a colorful Croatian Autumn.

What an amazing feat to witness, and when I stopped into ThrIVe Med Spa the next afternoon, the exotic fish were swimming happily in the saltwater tank once again. Noticing how perfectly it melded with the amazing decor of thatwonderful space, I would never have known that it hadn’t been there all along.


saltwater fish tank moves from studs to thrive
Photo by Oscar Almeida
saltwater fish tank moves from studs to thrive
Photo by Oscar Almeida
saltwater fish tank moves from studs to thrive
Photo by Oscar Almeida

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