Nacho Daddy / Boutique Theater: Tammy Carruthers Prust

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Tammy Carruthers Prust is co-owner, along with Sean Moore, of Nacho Daddy. The Boutique Theater, a community collective, operates on the second floor above the restaurant.

I worked for Sean in Santa Fe. He is from Galveston and moved here 21 years ago and I moved here 10 years ago. We started out with live music bands and a couple times a year we’d have guest acts in.

Nacho Daddy moved to our present location six year ago and at the same time the Boutique Theater had lost their lease, and so they needed a place, and we have the space upstairs that was available. We were in a lot of trouble because we built a speaker and the sound would travel all the way to Casa Isabel. I didn’t get complaints from our neighbors. I got them from Casa Isabel!

So with Boutique, the first year was difficult trying to figure out who got space and trying to figure out the theater because we’d only done live music. But it has worked out very well. We use the space for Nacho Daddy on the band nights, we have it at 9pm. The Boutique Theater has it in the daytime with a 5:30 slot.

Who’s not excited that Amy Armstrong is coming?! She said she was not coming back. As soon as I heard that I waited and let all the dust settle, and then I started sending her messages about how we’d love to have her, and that we’re trying to start something new up here. So it worked out very well.

And this opened a door for us. Last year we had a couple of shows, people we knew and friends would play. This year we’re actually booking some.

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