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It was a beautiful, not too sunny or cloudy or humid or rainy day in mid-October at the Pinnacle Resorts’ Sky Bar when we pulled together the leaders from four of the top entertainment venues in this city for a free-flowing and unbridled conversation about the growth of live entertainment here.

The original idea for this issue was to list all of the shows coming up this season, and maybe pull a few quotes from the owners, but when the calendars started coming in it looked like one of those restaurant menus that has 20 pages: you don’t see anything. That’s when a new idea presented itself.

Why don’t we bring everyone together in one room at the same time and let them talk shop?

Coordinating everyone’s schedule was its own challenge, and arranging for Mark Rome to travel all the way here from Ajijic for literally two hours provided some last-minute drama but, in the end, everything worked out fabulously. The surprise to me was that the lives of each of these four people are interwoven in ways I couldn’t have predicted. And that all of them were willing to share credit where it is due:

“One of the reasons that I really pushed to have Mark here today,” said Tracy Parks, “is that now you understand that none of this really was in existence before what Mark did when he opened The Palm.”

And being new, it helped to bring a relative ignorance to the web of social and business relationships that have blossomed and extinguished and then evolved to where they are today.

“You’re new here in town,” Tammy Carruthers Prust said to me, “so all the preconceptions—you don’t have them. You’re walking in here, and it’s been a year, just seeing what you see!”


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