City Officials: Do not let your guard down in the fight against Covid-19 in the region

They agreed on the importance of strengthening efforts to avoid an economic and health decline in the region

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A common front against Covid-19, dengue and in favor of security in Puerto Vallarta and the region, is the one formed by the authorities that make up the Executive Commission of the IX North Coast Regional Council, agreeing on the importance of doubling efforts not to take a step backwards in the ongoing fight for the well-being of citizens.

It was at the weekly meeting held this Monday, where after analyzing the criminal incidents registered in recent days in the region, as well as the strategies to be strengthened in this matter, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña reiterated the call not to let his guard down in the issue of health, so that there is no setback and the cases of Covid-19 continue to increase, because in addition to affecting some of the families in this region with the loss of a loved one, it could cause the closure for 14 days of all activities if the index continues to increase, as announced by the state governor.

“We have to continue to redouble efforts so that we do not have a setback and they can close everything for 14 days again, that would harm us a lot as a tourist destination, as a region, because Cabo Corrientes also depends a lot on tourism in Puerto Vallarta, Tomatlán, Talpa, Mascota That is why I ask you to continue in constant communication to see the measures that we must have, and to continue adding efforts so that this region of the north coast continues to be an example with this security table, “he said.

He explained that so far there are 72 percent of economic activities already open, so it would be unfortunate if they had to stop, for this reason virtual meetings have been held with hoteliers, restaurateurs, merchants to exchange observations and ask them to comply with the security protocols in their establishments.

While the municipality redoubles its efforts through Civil Protection, Citizen Security, Roads, and the different areas, for example undertaking operations to sanction drivers of public transport, taxis and Uber that do not comply with sanitation measures, such as the use compulsory of the mouthpiece of drivers and passengers, or for traveling with a greater capacity than allowed.

Measures are also being tightened to ensure compliance with the 50 percent percentage of capacity on beaches and to invite citizens to use their mouthguards in public spaces, as well as being mandatory in the state of Jalisco, according to experts, its use prevents contagions by 60 percent.

The first mayor stressed that in all these tasks it is important that citizens and authorities assume their responsibility to achieve better results, since this joint responsibility implies that if people take care of their health, they also take care of the health and well-being of all.

In addition to the measures already taken, it was agreed at this meeting to seek a collaboration strategy so that together with the Civil Protection of the state and the municipalities, the National Guard, the Navy and the Army count on the participation of people who invite It is in the federal zone to comply with sanitary measures.

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