The gayborhood has a new gay bar, as Quiero PV opens at the corner of Basillo Badillo and Insurgente (near Act2 theater).
Puerto Vallarta’s municipal president, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, held a public meeting with SETAC (Solidaridad Ed Thomas A.C.) staff, with whom he initiated a work plan to open a Sexual Diversity Office in the city.
Another earthquake woke Puerto Vallartians at 1:16 a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 22, an aftershock from the 7.7 earthquake of Sept. 19. It was the third one this week that could be felt in the seaside city.
Dr. Sánchez is “Doctor Puerto Vallarta” and as a gay physician, he knows that many gay men are more comfortable with a gay physican that can speak English, and discuss more intimate health concerns.
A new cultural and entertainment space, TILT, has opened in Puerto Vallarta, and offers more than 27 3D illusions, all created by California artist Tracy Lee Stum.
I have more than 30 years of experience in emergency services as a firefighter, advanced emergency medical technician and as an EMS Chief. So planning and managing disasters is nothing new for me. But experiencing the earthquake was new and I wasn’t prepared - mentally or functionally. It was unnerving.
A powerful earthquake was felt throughout many parts of Mexico on Monday, Sept. 19, 2022, causing some damage to buildings in Puerto Vallarta.
There are several events on the horizon before the end of the year, that will delight visitors and locals including the 14th year of the VALLARTA NAYARIT GASTRONOMICA 2022. This event, taking place October 12-18 and celebrates the stars of Mexican and Latin American gastronomy.
Mexican Independence Day celebrates the beginning of the war that ended Spain’s colonial rule of Mexico. On September 16, 1810, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Roman Catholic priest, rang the bell of his church and proclaimed the call to arms that began the Mexican War for Independence.
Armando Álan Vázquez (chef) and Ivan Garcia are making sweet moments with love from their small and humble pastry shop that recently opened. 
Sweet Treats by Rosie and Me is truly a home based business and a one-man-show. Richard cooks in the kitchen in his rented home located in the Centro Colonial. He shares photos of his work on Facebook, and orders are placed through Facebook messenger. He personally delivers the orders. 
The construction of a new air terminal in Puerto Vallarta begins today, Monday August 29th, inside the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz airport.
Local health association SETAC has put in place a community protocol for monkeypox in the city of Puerto Vallarta that includes health promotion and prevention, primary care for affected patients, and confirmation of possible cases.
Che Vallarta, a restaurant offering authentic Argentinean empanadas and other delicacies, has grown by word of mouth. You'll find their small shop in Centro Vallarta, Calle Abasolo 189, just a few blocks from the Malecon.
Puerto Vallarta has once again registered a significant growth in the arrival of visitors by air during the month of July, exceeding figures from past years.