Puerto Vallarta in the top 10 safest destinations for the LGBTQ+ community internationally

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The site Global Travel Industry News highlighted that Puerto Vallarta has a wide range of attractions for the segment in an environment of respect and hospitality.

The legacy of respect for diversity that Puerto Vallarta has permanently adopted has once again been recognized by the North American site Global Travel Industry News, which places the city in the top 10 of the safest and most respectful destinations for the LGBTQ+ community at an international level.

Travel restrictions have begun to ease and tourists are beginning to look for new adventures, among them the gay community, who must also take into account the security and legislation problems in some destinations around the world, as homosexuality is still illegal in 69 countries.

To ensure that the LGBTQ+ community feels safe and comfortable when traveling, travel industry experts in the United States chose the 10 best gay friendly cities for vacationing, ranking the destinations through factors that include safety index for the segment, incidences of discrimination, events for the community, bars and nightclubs, as well as gay oriented hotels.
Puerto Vallarta has earned the title of the World’s Friendliest City thanks to its great spirit of welcome, warmth and inclusion towards visitors from the LGBTQ+ community, which is why every year they choose this tourist destination as their favorite place to spend an incredible vacation.

Puerto Vallarta has received multiple recognitions granted by international organizations and media for being a gay friendly, hospitable and inclusive destination, becoming a reference for the community’s tourism, which has positioned itself through the city’s Romantic Zone or “gayborhood”, a trendy place that integrates more than 70 establishments such as gay oriented hotels, restaurants, theaters, cabarets, art galleries, bars, boutiques, barbershops, spa, cafes, among others, designed to satisfy all their expectations.

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Puerto Vallarta has an extensive range of activities for the segment, highlighting the recent inauguration at the Los Mangos Public Library of the “Arcoíris Closet”, a selection of LGBTQ+ literary works. In addition, for the amusement of the community from November 17 to 22, the Brawny Bear Weekend 2021 will be held with international DJ’s in one of the most exclusive places, the Mantamar Beach Club.

Likewise, the people of Vallarta have put the name of this destination on high, given that within the framework of the Gay Pride month celebrations held in June, the representative of Puerto Vallarta, Lorena Amor, was crowned with the first place in the MissTrans Global Mexico contest, a contest that seeks to position the leadership of the transgender community at a national level.

“The great diversity of attractions focused on satisfying the needs and demands of the gay community, together with the natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta, are the perfect combination to live an unforgettable trip in the company of friends or couples, so we are ready to welcome them with the greatest possible security, hospitality and warmth”, commented Luis Villaseñor, director of the Public Trust for the Promotion and Tourism Publicity of Puerto Vallarta.

The green pearl of the Mexican Pacific is a safe tourist destination for the gay community, as well as for all visitors arriving in Puerto Vallarta, a premise that is reaffirmed by the recent National Urban Public Safety Survey (ENSU) conducted by INEGI, where the city is positioned in the Top 10 of the safest places in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is considered a Latin American example as an inclusive destination for the LGBTI community

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