Coco Peru: the taming of the tension – INTERVIEW


We get to create ourselves – a lot of people forget that because they feel they’re born into these roles.

We got lucky and got to chat with the one and only Miss Coco Peru backstage at the Palm Cabaret! She is in Puerto Vallarta for her fourth season and is only doing seven shows!

Among other things, we discuss a little bit about her amazing career and how she got started. Miss Coco Peru has been a household name for over 25 years and began her career in New York City in the early nineties when she wrote, produced, and directed her first ever cabaret show.

Coco started doing something that other drag queens weren’t doing. She was telling autobiographical stories, doing comedy mixed with serious points that she was trying to make. At the time this was something new, and in a period where being a drag queen wasn’t very popular like nowadays.

She began to receive good reviews and attention, and even celebrities came to see her and that’s how it generated a buzz. We also have to remember that this was a time where there was no internet, so Coco had to go out every night to promote herself and sing at different cabaret clubs.

Miss Coco Peru is also an inspiration for many queens. She has encouraged them to write their own shows and perform at cabarets. She has inspired personalities such as Varla Jean Merman, Mama Tits, and Raja Gemini.


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